My best friend lied to me. Told me that we would always be together. We made up stories about our future. Told each other secrets we promised to never tell another.
Years passed…
Things changed…
I still remembered, she soon forgot.


I held on to those childish dreams while she moved on to bigger things.
She was my best friend…the one I treasured.
I guess I was a stepping stone to someone better.

I still remember everything she said.
I try not to let her lies go to my head.
I try to not hate her
Try not to cry
Guess it hurts even more

Cause she never even gave me the chance to say goodbye.

5 responses to “Children

  1. A poignant testimony to how hard it is when people grow apart. I hope the narrator finds peace one day but I have the feeling there is more beneath the surface. Very well written, love the last line with rushed whispery feel to its meter.

    • This is a poem of sorts that I had written about my old friend. We did everything together but then one day she just stopped talking to me. The reason why hurts more than the action itself. I miss her… I was never able to have just one more conversation with her. No goodbyes at all. I do miss her a lot.

  2. Aww very sad… I think we’ve all got that best friend in childhood that we drifted apart from. It’s so normal, but doesn’t make it any less sad. 😦

    Lovely poem. xx

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