Blessed Be

**Warning** This may be triggering for some as it talks about suicide and cutting. If you are unable to handle such topics please read no further. I will make post that deal with other issues of course but this one is merely a poem that has been stuck in my head for awhile **end warning**










What a cruel way to say goodbye.
Going the easy route by taking your life.
Didn’t think you could do it on your own.
Since you always told me cutting was so wrong.
Told me to live, to fight, to try
And yet you go and end it all with a knife.
How hypocritical that is
Making me go through a life you refused to live

Did you really mean to go?
Or did you want to feel something new?
Forget the pain, if only for a minute.
It flowed to fast, you went to soon.
Did you mean to hide the evidence in your room

Your bloody corpse, the person you used to be
Pretended it all away didn’t you
Tried to tell me it was all in my head,
That things would be OK
You made me smile
You made me laugh
And yet you left me
With a bloody mess

What a hypocrite you turned out to be

Sadly though…I wish you weren’t really me.


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