As a child I had found out the truth.
Not all living thing were meant to be here. Some where only allowed to grace us with their presence for a sort time before leaving us forever.
Some things said hello while others only knew how to say goodbye.

I lost someone special…

Someone who meant the world to me.

I can’t tell you much about them though, because we never truly got to meet.
They where a vision…something felt and not seen.

  Writing is difficult! It is so hard to sit there and come up with something with the idea that others will love it. It is much easier to sit in the corner in the fetal position hoping that no one will notice you. I should know, I have done it many times while in highschool. It doesn’t work because people will see you, but they will be so confused by your actions that they won’t come near you.
10/10 out of ten nerds will recommend this.

What I wrote at top was my idea of a story. A story that was going no one where so I stopped writing it and tried to go on to bigger and things. Sadly many stories end up that way. So many prompts end up in the meh pile.
Yes…the dreaded meh pile. The pile of mehness that only stories that go no where know of.
Such a sad pile to be in…rest it’s paper soul.

Off to bigger and better things…hopefully tomorrow I will have a point. 

4 responses to “Arisa

  1. The great thing about the meh pile is more of a purgatory than death… and they can always be revisited and reborn. 🙂 I have loads of unfinished projects with each I have learned a little more about writing and crafting stories and sometimes I do go back get a little further and get stuck again… don’t give up on them… you’ll finish them when the time is right. 🙂 xx

    Lovely place to start the challenge…with an idea… that’s where all the best things start… 😉 xx

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