I am a mother of a two year old little girl. You wouldn’t know this though because she think she is 16. She does things that make me look back and question if I ever did them. If I did, I immediately call my mother to say sorry.
She colors on everything. She puts everything in her mouth; including various body parts of hers. She should join a sport…pretty sure she would dominate the field.
She does strange things without reason. She cries when she doesn’t get her way. She has thrown shoes into the middle of the street in the dead of winter just so she could see her toes sparkle (I painted her toes and she liked them).
She eats crayons and poops works of art. She screams at me when I leave and screams at me when I am close. She tells me she loves me one min and the next tells she wants me to go away. She hates me..well not hate but she did tell me no when I asked if she loved me so close enough.

Despite this..the pain..the agony, the humiliation;  I can’t image living without her. I can’t see life without her. How can I wake up and be motivated if I didn’t have a child singing the toddler version of let it go. How could I clean without someone coming up behind me and destroying it. What good is coloring if not hours later I get to see how brown , green, and orange look together (pretty darn cool).
Without her life would be boring. Yes I would have more time on my hands..but for go to the club? To read more chapter of a book? To drink wine and stay up all night? My daughter makes me feel happy about waking up and hopeful when going to bed.

She is the reason I smile most days. She make it worth it..she makes life worth it. Cause without her…I wouldn’t be alive…

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