Having a crush is like being ripped into itty bitty tiny pieces and being fed to wolves who only way to play with your inards.

So imagine someone..this someone being me. Developing a crush on someone. Not just anyone though. Oh no no no , that would make life to easy. No, a person who is by law unattainable.  I don’t mean illegal! I mean someone who is so far above me in status that the mere likes of me would burn up with just a simple glance from them.
Life sucks that way.

I do not mean to say I am UNATTRACTIVE unworthy.  No, I am just shy. Yes…shy.
To shy to look at them. To shy to do anything but ponder about how life could be if I could just ~sigh~ hold them.
I don’t want anything more then for them to call me theres. For us to sit back and read a good book or two, as the day passes us by.
I would love to go in the sun and dance in the flowers. I long to sit in the rain and watch the patterns they make on the window sill. Seeing whose raindrop can fall the fastest.


I am me.
I am scared.
I am shy.
I am weak.
I am in pain for feeling a love that I can never express. A crush….
I can do nothing but watch as they claim another. Watch as they tell me all about their life without me in it. Oh I am there..but I am not…there.

I have a crush. A child game at love,

For someone I can not have….

I have a crush….
And I can’t do anything but be happy

Even though …
Feel like I am dying inside….
A crush…

Whoever thought of such silliness.

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