Chester story one

I never claimed to be insane. That is just the title you gave me. It is a  small one really, compared to what others have said over the years.
I am not insane…not really.
A few screws loose here and there, but nothing that warrants checking.

I am not insane but go ahead and believe it. Keep calling me all these names and I will soon give you a reason.

It started not long ago…well actually it did. See time has no meaning here. See I was sitting down when someone pointed at me.

Shouting words I can not say. Suggesting things I refused to see.
This person..this creature…who went on and on…didn’t think twice about attacking little ole me.
I was an easy target back then. See I was so small that people either ignored me or tortured me. There was no middle safe place to hide.
I was forced to sit and wait..see what that day would bring.

Yet that day was different and still much like the rest.
That person sat there screaming…pointing…suggesting…
They called me insane…so I showed them insane
As I politely shoved my knife into their chest. I mean I did say thank you afterwards. I was very kind indeed. It is not everyday you get to see a beating heart.

Sadly they took it to heart…literally!
I assume that they where not brought up with manners such as I,  because as they died, they let out this horrid scream. How rude of I kindly ripped out their vocal cords.

See I am not insane…it is just a title given to me. I am not insane at all.
Even as I tell this story I can see you look away as if you don’t believe me. Clearing your throat , calling for a guard.
I know what they told you about that day.
I know what I saw…
I know what I did….
Why don’t you believe the little ole me could have killed?

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