Tell me

Lie to me. Give your best shot to make me feel some sort of pain. Hold it against me as your try over and over again. Take it…

Make it…

Break it.

Make me feel something, I want to live.

So lie to me.


Tell me something that I haven’t heard in a long time.


Tell me I am pretty, that I am smart, that I am worth it. Lie to me like you used to. Make me feel warmth like you did in the past. Make me feel treasured. Make it last.


Do these things before it is to late. Don’t walk away without making me feel. Please don’t go…

Don’t tell me the truth.

Kill me slowly.

Break my heart, destroy it beyond repair.

Cause without you, I will always be halfway there.

Don’t leave me with memories I will always regret.


Kill me slowly, please.

Don’t tell me the truth as you leave.

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